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About Us

We provide everything from turning a template to website from making a design to tell the story of for your business. We provide complete ranges of services including Domain & Hosting, Web development, Ecommerce Solutions, Web Design, Digital Marketing and Web Security

Website design – It is like cross country race

We at Aqib Tech really know that present web designing process is just like cross country race. If you have to win you have to beat hundreds to thousands of people running with you. Likewise is the present web design service. Millions of websites are competing in the web and your website have to get in to the track with that extra beauty and efficient SEO features to come in front of the search results. Our experts know the art of beauty and science of quality to develop websites that really smiles and works.

We pack SEO for success

Beautiful websites without SEO rich features is just like beautiful girls with bad smell. Both can’t attract the people. Our experts make SEO friendly designs and contents for your website to get passport to the prominent places in the search engines. Almost all famous search engines like Google, Bing and MSN give importance to the websites with quality links and updated contents. Hence, if you think your website oozes to the bottom to the search pages, then it is the time to redesign your website with SEO rich features.

Mobile versions – It is like wining the hurdles

Creating mobile version of website is just like clearing the hurdles. There are several factors including user interface, loading time, visibility, flexibility, website resolution and more that a web developer have to develop with a difference from that of desktop websites. Desktops website can’t appear in mobile screens with the same beauty. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and incredible experience in developing mobile version for your desktop websites.

We treat web development as building your dream home. Our web designs artists make use of the best available aesthetical features to assure good foundation, good looking, good protection and reputation for your home, yes your website…!!!

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