Anaz Technologies- Where challenge meets acceptance.
Being one of the premier organizations in UAE for shopping mall visitors counting Since 2013 Anaz Technologies has been successful in delivering the best quality work to its all clients. Our expertise is concentrated in crowd counting with the use of advanced technology such as 3D Stereo vision technology, red heat detection sensor, WIFI Counting, Live Counting and much more.

Anaz Technologies has one of the most skilled and experienced team which helps clients to analyse issues in the most comprehensive way and offer them an easy and flexible solutions.

Our company specialize in retail visitors count which is the most satisfactory and pragmatic solution in the contemporary time.  The usage of this brings a gratifying customer experience in malls and retail shops.

Since our inception, we believed in innovation and performance-driven results, and the retail monitoring technology that we bring surpasses all other services and provides accurate data on traffic density, structural pattern of a store, and optimization of sales.

Anaz Technologies also specializes in event visitors counting. We assist in determining footfall traffic and several other aspects in all kinds of commercial events.

What are the upgradations that we initiate to take?

  • Proper optimization of sales for the retailers- Our in-depth analysis will help clients to look for a better prospect in sales.
  • Structural pattern of the store– The retail counting technology we use will help clients in determining the structural orientation of the store. Based on our accurate analysis clients can get a clear view of changes if required.
  • Highest conversion ratio– Anaz Technologies assist clients to bring about the highest conversion ratio in sales. In accordance with the visitor’s analytics, clients can regulate the conversion ratio and if less can initiate different ways to make it high.

Why us?

We assist clients in footfall counters for retail by using the most updated technology which no other company in UAE provides

  • Our usage of 3D People Counting Technology supports retail store managers to accurately evaluate and compare the sales conversion rate.
  • Anaz Technologies digital people counter is main medium of determining the effect of marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • We are the only well-known organization in UAE to provide report on footfalls in Exhibitions, Events, Retail Analytics and much more.